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"The best music school in the area, and the best I have ever attended!"

"Real School seems to provide an 'alternative' musical education to kids and people not found in traditional music schools." 



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"My son truly loves his lessons at real school. Loves, loves, loves his instructor!! Never a complaint about going to a lesson... usually in the car waiting for me. The staff really seem to 'get' my son."



"I initially checked out the school for my kids, and thought it would be a great environment for them, especially as they move into teenage years.  As it turns out, I am taking lessons and playing in ensembles, and absolutely love the school and the employees and the friends I have made there.  I ALREADY recommend the school to others." 

"Very motivating atmosphere for my daughter and the teacher she has is so supportive and encouraging." 

"My daughter has been part of 2 ensembles and one voice lesson program. Our experiences have been incredible! I cant say enough about her teacher. I listen quietly outside the door during there practices and he is excellent with the kids. He is very supportive and clearly talented musically. My daughter enjoys working with him each week. Great program! Great school!" 

"Real School has been such an important part of (my son's) life this past year. With all the emotions of senior year in high school, the uncertainty of what the future might hold, the Real School was like a second home - a healthy outlet for those emotions, a place to explore possibilities, opportunities to play in the community, and an entire staff of people who can relate to what he's going through, because they had all been there.

In an age when so many children feel disconnected, you provide so much more than music lessons. Playing music can be therapeutic. Exploring ideas with a diverse and compassionate group of professional musicians is inspirational, and at times, life changing."



"I have been coming to the Real School of Music for many years and have found it to be very inviting and supportive place to learn music. My instructor has not only the knowledge, but has become a good friend."

"Both of my kids have great teachers at the real school and have learned how to play their instruments in a fun and encouraging setting. The teachers remind them to practice but don't hassle them if they don't! They also allow the kids to have input about what music/songs they want to learn."

"We have had a great experience with our instructor and our relationship has been ongoing for 4+ years." 

"My son truly loves his lessons there. Loves, loves, loves his instructor!! Never a complaint about going to a lesson - usually in the car waiting for me. The staff really seem to 'get' my son."

"The teachers are caring and committed, and they are really knowledgeable. There are so many opportunities for students to stretch themselves and progress."

"The instructors are wonderful. I like the way that they communicate with parents, emailing notes about the class afterward. The wonderful opportunities to perform at open mic or showcase are good opportunities to practice performing. It's the whole thing. We're very happy here." 

"Awesome teachers in a super-fun and inspiring space!" 

"The faculty are amazing. My daughter has worked with four different instructors on four different instruments over the past five years and they've all been fantastic. Thank you Real School teachers!!"



"The Real School is one of the few places where kids today can actually HAVE FUN without pressure, without competition, without stress. The kids have so much fun that they hardly realize that they are learning. The staff is friendly and accommodating and makes each student feel welcome and appreciated." 

"My kids are enjoying learning to play their instruments and are more willing to practice." 

"The entire staff is incredible! They're not only great with parents, they're obviously incredible with the kids!! I can't say enough amazing things about the Real School!!" 

"Everyone has been great at The Real School of Music. Very polite and flexible with schedule changes."

"I have been attending the Real School for a number of years now on two different instruments with two different teachers, and it has always been great. I also really like the summer program which I've done twice now."

"Love the school and the teachers: we've been at the school for many years now and the fun approach to music is awesome for kids. Flexibility is also key for us and we always managed to make things work."

"It's a fun and friendly environment with lots of options. Ensembles really tie it all together."

"Very kid-centric. Kids allowed to pursue what they want. Great teachers and facility at a reasonable cost."

"My teacher is amazing and the place has a positive atmosphere."

Everyone seems to genuinely like what they do at Real School, and their enthusiasm rubs off on the kids. I had teachers coming to the house for years, but I am glad I finally made the switch.”

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