Howie Tarnower | Bluegrass Ensemble

Howie Tarnower is a multi-instrumentalist and well known veteran of the Bluegrass and Folk world.  He has recorded and toured extensively with many bands including The Fiction Brothers, Country Cooking and Special Consensus.  He has performed with many of Bluegrass' finest musical talents - Tony Trischka, Peter Wernick, Matt Glaser, Don Stover, Chris Jones, Hazel Dickens, and Rose Maddox to name a few. He has played on dozens of recordings, soundtracks and broadcasts from Prairie Home Companion to Car Talk.   He has taught at many area schools and  arts programs including Winchester and Belmont Community Music Schools, All Newton Music School, Cambridge Public School, Middlesex School and The Park School.

He continues to perform with many local artists as well as his own bands Boston City Limits and The Blue Suede Boppers