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Get ready to rock (or groove, or mix)!



We’ll help you to reach your full musical potential!

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Create Your Very Own Music Scene 

Why practice at home, alone, when you can be jamming in your very own band, singing in your own a cappella group, or even twisting the knobs in our recording suite?

Whatever your interests, we have a RealJams ensemble program that's right for you, matching you up with a band, group, or class that fits your musical style and skill level. Sign up today for an ensemble you can grow into, not out of. 


Join a Band

Why practice at home – by yourself – when you can be jamming in your very own band? The Real School of Music believes that nobody learns an instrument just to sit at home and play alone!Which is why we have created programs that allow musicians of all ages to play in bands, even if they aren't participating in private lessons. 

A Cappella Ensembles

In A Cappella Ensembles, students experience some of the most exciting and rewarding ensemble work Real School has to offer. Groups take music of all styles and adapt it for aspiring singers of all levels. Your voice is your instrument, and your will sing everything from lyrics to guitar lines to vocal drumming and percussion.

Musical Theater Ensembles

In Real School's Musical Theater ensembles, you'll write, script, choreograph, act, and sing in your own show! You'll create your own characters, and even collaborate with others to create an original cast score. Additionally, you'll also learn musical theater voice technique, stage combat (yes, this is very safe... and fun!), set building, improvisation, and much more!

Choral Ensembles

Have you always loved to sing, but haven't had the chance to pursue it? Now's your chance. Our Choral ensembles are designed for singers of all ages and experience levels. Learn how to use your voice in a fun and supportive setting while learning professional tips and singing custom arrangements of your favorite songs.

Audio Production Classes

In this ensemble, you’ll use pro-level tools and techniques to produce your own music and run a successful recording session. You'll also learn to use digital effects, MIDI, loop manipulation, and beat writing. You'll also work toward writing, recording, and mix your own original composition.

My children have been going to Real School since it opened. We love it. The quality of the instructors, the facility, and the programs are outstanding and worth every penny! I tell everyone I know about Real School, and all that it has to offer.” 


(And get ready to rock...)

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