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Immerse yourself in the music you love.


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The program that is truly "Better than a summer camp!"

RealJams Academy is The Real School of Music's premier week-long summer music program. Ditch arts & crafts at summer camp and immerse yourself in the music you love! With programs for ages 6 up to age 18, we've got the right program for you. 


Join a Band 

Ages 10+

For those about to rock, there’s RealJams Bands — our week-long, full-day immersion program.  You'll form a band, write your own songs, shoot a music video, take music lessons, and more! And to cap it all off, your band will take the stage to perform your music live in front of family, friends and all of your screaming fans.


Musical Theater 

Ages 6+

In Real School's summer Musical Theater program, you'll write, script, choreograph, act, and sing in your own show! You'll create your own characters, and even collaborate with others to create an original cast score. You'll also learn musical theater voice technique, stage combat (yes, this is very safe... and fun!), and set building.


Audio Production 

Ages 10+

In RealJams Audio Production, you’ll use pro-level tools and techniques to produce your own music and run a successful recording session. You'll also learn to use digital effects, MIDI, loop manipulation, and beat writing. You'll also work toward writing, recording, and mix your own original composition.



“I just wanted to tell you how much Emily enjoyed RealJams this week. It is not easy to impress a 13 year old, but you did just that. Signing my daughter up for Real School has really been life-changing for her. Thank you for everything.” 


(And see what all of the buzz is about..)

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