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Make Music. Make Progress. Have Fun!

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We'll help your child reach their full musical potential! 


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Music today. Inspiration and confidence for tomorrow.

Give your child the tools and skills they need today, and an advantage for the future.  Our unique approach allows your child to learn from the region's top instructors in a fun, vibrant, and safe community-oriented musical environment.   


Individualized Lessons

Individual lessons at Real School are second-to-none! You'll be matched with the region's best instructors, who will help you to reach your potential and unleash your inner musician. Our unique approach is based on results, and you'll be playing and creating music in no time. Sure, we'll teach you how to play or sing, but you'll also gain the foundation you need to collaborate and play with others.  Become a musician for life, and find your own musical voice by scheduling a trial lesson. 



Yamaha Group Classes

For beginners ages 3 through 7, Yamaha music classes are the perfect start to your child's musical journey. These group music classes are comprehensive and broad when compared to typical private piano lesson at this age. Your child will sing solfège, play the keyboard, sing songs with lyrics, move to music, play rhythm and keyboard ensembles, and cultivate their sense of imagination and creativity.

Join a Band or Ensemble

It's rare to find a musician who aspires to play alone. From the beginning of time, music has been a communal, social activity meant to be shared. Yet, a majority of music students learn in isolation, leading far too many to quit music altogether. At Real School we help students find each other, matching them by musical interests and proficiency level to transform individual talent into a collaborative educational experience shown to enhance and accelerate development.  And it's a heck of a lot of fun!


RealJams Academy

For those about to rock, there’s RealJams Academy - our week-long, full-day immersion program. You'll take music lessons, form a band, write your own songs, shoot a music video and more! And to cap it all off, your band will take the stage to perform your music live in front of family, friends and all of your screaming fans. Choose our original Join-A-Band program, or choose to focus in Musical Theater, Audio Production, or A Cappella. RealJams truly is "Better Than A Summer Camp!"

RealKids Early Childhood Music

RealKids early childhood music classes are based on Orff-Schulwerk philosophy. Kids and their caregivers build a solid foundation in musical language through exposure to singing activities, dance and movement activities, and percussion instruments. Classes are age specific, enhancing your child's growth and development while providing a deeper bonding experience between you and your child.


amplifi Adaptive Music Programs

Welcome to amplifi— the nation’s first-ever provider of music and performance-based extended learning programs that leverages Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to enhance and accelerate learner-centered education in the special needs community.

Everyone seems to genuinely like what they do at Real School, and their enthusiasm rubs off on the kids. I had teachers coming to the house for years, but I am glad I finally made the switch.”

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