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Lesson Prices + Membership Perks




We’ll help you to reach your full musical potential!

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 Lesson Prices + Exclusive Membership Perks


Real School is about so much more than music lessons. It's a musical home away from home. Our students join bands, write and record original music, play live shows, and belong to a living, breathing, music education and performing arts community.


We make it easy and incredibly affordable for our members to take full advantage of all there is to offer. And, you'll never see registration fees, 'pay-to-play' recitals, or mystery service charges.  


When you join the Real School community, you open the door to an array of membership benefits beyond the lesson room, including:  

  • Individual lessons with the region's best instructors starting as low as $35 - $44.50. Multiple discount levels may apply, contact us for more information and to schedule your free trial lesson.
  • Opportunities to join a professionally coached ensemble, a capella group, or band for only $10.00 per week. When combined with a weekly 30-minute lesson, that's getting 90 minutes of expert instruction for $50-$55 per week!*
  • Wide-open access to fully equipped state-of-the-art lesson rooms and The Real Room concert hall for all of your practicing and performance needs.
  • You're the first in line to keep or change your lesson schedule during special priority enrollment periods. 
  • Unlimited performance opportunities at showcase events and open mic nights, with live feeds to share with friends and family. 
  • Discounts on music instruments, gear and accessories. 
  • Exclusive masterclass sessions with leading music industry professionals. 
  • Flexible payment options. 
  • Discounts for multiple family members, including special pricing for military families. 
  • and much more! 



Music Lessons for Kids


Our Promise to You 

The absolute best experience and value in music education.  

* ensembles for non-members (students who are not enrolled in a private lesson) are available for $25.00 per hour and $36.50 per 90 minutes.     

Everyone seems to genuinely like what they do at Real School, and their enthusiasm rubs off on the kids. I had teachers coming to the house for years, but I am glad I finally made the switch.”



(And see what all the buzz is all about...)

or CALL US: 888-881-REAL