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Sing, Play, Create!

Yamaha music classes are the perfect start to your child's musical journey.  These fun group classes are broad when compared to typical piano lessons at this age. Your child will learn to play the keyboard, sing songs, move to music, play in keyboard ensembles with their classmates, develop ear training (identifying pitches by ear), and create their own music.  

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Why Yamaha Music Class? 

  • Timely Education: It’s great to start young! Yamaha classes introduce music fundamentals to your child when their hearing skills are developing quickly. 

  • Group Lessons: Making music with friends is fun! Your child will have rich experiences when playing and enjoying music with others. 

  • Creativity: Make your own music! Your child will develop musical sensitivity, imagination, and the ability to express themselves.  


join the class where Musicians and parents say, "I wish I had this when I was a kid!" 


Music Wonderland Class Ages 3 -3.5

Music Wonderland is a postively fun introduction to the world of music! Together with parents in a warm and nurturing setting, your toddler will enjoy singing, beginning keyboard activities, movement, and listening to music.  

The activities, books, and music are filled with colorful, playful images and sounds to bring your child's imagination to life. 

Music Wonderland is much more than the typical 'mommy/daddy and me' class (but just as much fun!).  It's the beginning of a multi-year curriculum backed by over 50 years experience. 

Junior Music Course Ages 4-5

Cultivating a sense of wonder, having fun, developing an eagerness to learn and grow...  this is what all parents wish for their child's early musical training. 

The Junior Music Course delivers on this promise, and much more. With Yamaha's proven and unique approach, your child will develop fundamental skills that will last a lifetime.  

At just the right time and in a very natural way (much like how children learn to speak and read), your child will learn ear training (how to identify musical sounds), sing with friends, play the keyboard/piano, read, and creating music.  


Young Musicians Course Ages 6-7

If your child is in kindergarden through second grade (ages 6 or 7) and just starting music lessons for the first time, what's the best way to start? 

Piano lessons are a good choice, but what about singing, guitar, or something else? Would it be more fun if they could learn and play with other kids, like in a team or a band?  The Young Musicians Course may be the perfect fit. 

Like all Yamaha programs, this course is broad when compared to the typical piano lesson. Along with learning the keyboard/ piano, your child will love singing, reading music, and performing with their classmates.  

“The relationship that my child now has to music is much more connected, curious, and open. He is beginning to understand the language and context of music and has so much to learn from his peers and his teacher.”  

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