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What's holding you back?


We've lost count of how many times we've heard people say, "I wish I hadn't waited so long."  So, what's holding you back from your dream of playing, creating, and sharing the music you love?

Here are some of the most common excuses we've heard along the way.  Do any of these sound familiar?


You'll be glad you did!


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5 Common Obstacles to getting started with Music Lessons


Kids are too young.

The research is in, and its clear that starting music lessons early gives your child distinct advantages.  We have programs designed for children as young as 3 years old. Check out our Yamaha Group Classes to learn more.  For children 7 and older, we have several options including private lessons on all instruments and in all styles, as well as opportunities to join vocal groups, musical theater classes, and our renowned Join-A-Band program.  It's never too early to give your child the advantages of music. 

I am too old.

No you're not! Music keeps you young, and its never too late to start or resume playing and creating music. Music has been shown to improve memory, cognition, healing, and even sleep cycles in adults.  And taking lessons or joining an ensemble are great ways to meet new people and expand your musical horizons.  Perhaps it's been a dream of yours to sing, to play guitar, violin, or piano, or maybe to play in your own band.  Join the hundreds of adults who already call Real School home.

It's too expensive.

Ask yourself the following: What other activity has the ability to improve emotional health, self image, academic and professional success, all while enhancing creativity and being a heck of a lot of fun?  Once you understand the value of music lessons, the choice then becomes simple – no other music school provides the opportunities, depth of experience, or value proposition you get with Real School.  Isn't it time you put yourself and your family first? Invest in a lifetime of music is one decision you'll never regret.

I'm too busy.

It seems people are busier today than ever before. Even our children are over-booked, with school, homework, sports, play dates, family, etc. But did you know that a 30-minute lesson represents just one-half of one percent of your week, including drive time? And while many people somehow find time to hit the gym, countless studies show that those who also find time to exercize their brain through playing music achieve profound and measurable benefits that last a lifetime. In short, where else can you achieve creativity and confidence in just 30 minutes a week?

I'll teach myself.

Many of our instructors attribute their own musical success, at least in part, to self-directed learning. But they all report that without an inspriational teacher to help them discover their musical path, they may have quit music altogether before getting traction. Quality one-on-one instruction is key, and this makes sense considering that music itself is a form of expression that is meant to be shared. And learning alone deprives you of opportunities to meet, play, and share with others. What a lonely, quiet world it would be if everyone learned music alone, in isolation.

Signing my daughter up for Real School has really been life changing for her."


(And see what all the buzz is all about...)

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