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Attendance policy 


Q: I know in advance that I'm going to miss a lesson. What should I do? 
A:  If you contact us in advance to let us know, then you'll be able to reschedule the lesson for a later day and time. 
Q: What does advance notice mean?
A:  In general, advance notice means a minimum of 24 hours before the lesson. The more advanced notice that you can give, the better!
When you let us know as early as possible, we have an opportunity to fill the open time with another student.
We know that things come up last minute or unexpectedly. As long as you've contacted us and we've acknowledged receipt prior to the start time of the designated lesson or appointment, then the lesson is not forfeited. 
Q: How do I contact you to give you advance notice?
A: Contact us at 888.881.REAL (7325) or info@therealschoolofmusic.com or call your school location directly: 
Burlington (888) 881.7325 
Andover (978) 475.1223 
Dedham/Norwood (781) 686.1526 
Q: I missed my lesson and I didn't contact Real School. Can I still get a make-up? 
A: Unfortunately, we're not able to provide a make-up lesson if you didn't contact us ahead of time. Failure to provide advance notice is deemed a 'no-show,' and the lesson is forfeited. 
Q: How much time do I have to take my missed lesson? 
A: All missed lessons must be rescheduled within two weeks of the missed lesson.
Q: Is there a maximum number of lessons that I can reschedule per session? 
A: Yes, you can reschedule up to three individual lessons during the current session, as long as you provide us with advance notice.
Q: I rescheduled a lesson, but now I'm going to miss the rescheduled lesson time. Can I reschedule the missed lesson again? 
A: No, we're not able to make a second change to the originally rescheduled lesson. 
Q: What happens when the instructor cancels the lesson? 
A: If the instructor cancels the lessons, then we will provide a make-up lesson within two weeks of the missed lesson day (based on the instructor and student schedule).
Our instructors make every attempt to accommodate your schedule when scheduling the make-up lesson. Sometimes, it's challenging to arrange it around busy schedules. If we're not able to find a time that works, then we'll offer a make up with a different instructor. 
Q: My instructor canceled my lesson, and we haven't been able to schedule a make-up with my teacher or another instructor. What happens now? 
A: In the rare case when your instructor cannot make-up a missed lesson (a lesson that was canceled by the instructor due to absence or other reason), AND we haven't been able to arrange a make-up with another instructor, then a credit for the missed lessons will be issued to your account. You can apply the lesson credit to a future session.