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Why amplifi Adaptive Music Classes? 






The goal of amplifi is two-fold (i) enrich the lives of participants through learner-centered music and theater experiences, while (ii) closely tying course content to reinforce and accelerate learning and mastery of select educational criteria—from recreational topics and life skills, to rigorous academic content—based on developmentally appropriate expectations.


Unique from adaptive sports or music therapy programs, amplifi programming is first and foremost educational. Yet, our programs do have both recreational and therapeutic attributes that are an inevitable byproduct of amplifying the voices of all participants.

join the class where parents and caregivers say, "amplifi has been the perfect fit!" 



Where is amplifi taught?

In our amplifi Abilities Program, participants engage in knowledge and skills acquisition through the universal language of music, all in a safe and inclusive, multi-sensory environment designed for the variability that exists among all learners.

amplifi brings our adaptive music programs to school collaboratives
and non-profit organizations that serve adults and children with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. We also host classes at Real School locations in Andover and Burlington, MA.

"We wanted students not just to listen and hear — we want them to
participate." — Patric Barbieri, LABBB Educational Collaborative Executive Director speaking about why LABBB chose amplifi


Who is amplifi programming for?


amplifi welcomes those with intellectual and developmental
disabilities and those with brain injury. We are open to anyone with a range of extended support needs who has an interest in music.

"School music classes can be a challenge, as my son often cannot keep up with his peers, and the larger school concerts can be overwhelming. amplifi has been the perfect fit, giving him an
opportunity to express himself through music in a comfortable and welcoming environment." - Becky P, amplifi Parent


How is amplifi unique? 

Traditional music therapy centers around an instructor performing
for a group amplifi sessions encourage collaboration and  participation by all participants, regardless of ability. Our classes are engaging, fun, flexible, and most importantly, MUSICAL!

The staff is patient, flexible, and open to feedback on how to fine tune their program based on each child’s individual needs. - Maria D, amplifi Parent


“I have watched this program change the lives — literally — of the students who have participated in the program. We all know music is a universal language of love and joy, and to see those vital emotions growing in their hearts is breathtaking.”  


(... and try the class that everyone is talking about!)

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