Reach 4 Real Adaptive Music Program

Reach 4 Real delivers adaptive music, musical theater, and dance classes designed specifically for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The goal of Reach 4 Real is to enhance the life experience of people with needs through music enrichment.

We offer affordable, inclusive music and theater programs to a variety of age groups. In addition, we also specialize in classes delivered at our clients’ facilities. All programs culminate in live performance opportunities for all participants.

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Why Reach 4 Real?

 Students will collaborate to write songs in a pop/musical theater style, and then stage, choreograph, and deliver an exciting live performance for friends, family, and the general public. Other aspects of the class include physical and vocal warm-ups, theatre games, and cool downs celebrating successes of the day.



Students Who Do Well in Adapted Group Music Classes are those with...

• Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Non-Verbal Learning Disorders

• Down Syndrome

• Tourette’s Syndrome

• Williams Syndrome

• Sensory Integration Disorder

• Those with Visual or Hearing Impairments

• Other Moderate to High-Functioning Disabilities


Available Classes:

Elementary & Middle School

Elementary and middle school classes are an exciting introduction into the world of adaptive music programming.  Students participate in a variety of physically engaging activities through which they explore a combination of music, movement, and rhythm.  Students will sing about topics that are important to them such as, “Today I Feel _____” or, “I’m A Star Because ______.”  Each student has opportunities to express themselves through their personal contribution to an original musical composition. Then, we work to stage, choreograph, and perform a live show as a group. The resulting sense of accomplishment and belonging is a profoundly meaningful experience for all participants.

High School & Adult

Like our classes for younger students, classes for high school students and adults deliver a unique experience, through which class participants work together as a team on music and drama-play activities that build self-esteem, peer relationships, creativity, and self-expression.  They will develop their own songs as a group on topics such as their “Favorite Thing to Do” and “Groovin’ to the Music.”  The class will culminate in an exciting live performance for friends, family, and the general public.  At the end of each class day, students will also participate in a dance party, as well as a celebration of their successes of the day!

Classes at Your Facility

Classes at your facility are adapted and designed specifically for YOUR students! Certified Reach 4 Real Instructors travel to you and teach classes at your location for the convenience of your organization’s parents, caregivers, and students.  Participants benefit from a customized curriculum developed specifically for the students you support.  All Reach 4 Real curriculum caters to both verbal and non-verbal students, including those that use iPad devices for communication.  Currently, we teach classes in many different areas in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how you can bring Reach 4 Real to your students today!

“School music classes can be a challenge, as Noah often can not keep up with his peers, and the larger school concerts can be overwhelming.  Reach 4 Real has been the perfect fit, giving Noah an opportunity to express himself through music in a comfortable and welcoming environment.  He is able to learn about music through games and various body movement exercises.  We look forward to our hour each week when Noah can be part of a music class that is perfect for him..” 


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