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Our students come to view Real School as their place. They meet, collaborate, and forge strong friendships with people they may have never otherwise met. They join bands, write songs, record their original work, and perform live shows – all in a cool, inspiring, and safe environment. 

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Joining Real School has a lot of upside. Sure, you'll have a blast playing or singing, meeting new friends, and learning the music you love. But did you know that college admissions officers continue to cite participation in music as an important factor in their admissions decision? In fact, one study shows that musicians score nearly 100 points higher on SATs than non-musicians. 

Admissions officers claim participating in music demonstrates time management, creativity, expression, and open-mindedness. The College Board identifies the arts as one of the six basic academic subject areas students should study in order to succeed in college. And young musicians are shown to be emotionally healthier than non-musicians. The list goes on.  

In a study of 25,000 high schoolers, those who report consistent of involvement in music show “significantly higher levels of mathematics proficiency by grade 12.” And students who participate in in music reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, ilicit drugs). The evidence is clear: music can give you an advantage that lasts a lifetime. 

"In both verbal and math scores, high school student musicians outpace their peers."


The COllege Board

Source: Music Educators National Conference